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It's different from sightseeing and traveling.
More comfortable and lighter.

Like going to a friend
It's like visiting a relative's house.

Relaxed time and space,
With your curiosity.

Now, go to OKI for a while.

What OKI wants to convey

A society that will change even more rapidly from now on.

Every day I spend a lot of time in a hurry because I am busy with my daily life and work.

The stress that accumulates when you notice it, the pressure you feel.

Are you tired, lost, worried, or trying too hard?

Okinoshima is neither a resort nor a super tourist destination.

I would like you to spend "time to face yourself" that you cannot usually take in "relaxed time and space".

And I want to meet you who is innocent about what you like, what you want to do, and what you are interested in.

A little OKI welcomes you like a friend, like a distant relative, and sees you off.

About Okinoshima

The island of Oki is located in Shimane Prefecture, and consists of four islands: Dogo 1 island (Oki island town) and Shimamae 3 islands (Nishinoshima town, Ama town, Chibu village).

There is a little OKI in Dogo (Oki Island Town).

The tourist season is from April to October, but it is not crowded with tourists.

The sea in winter is rough, the sun appears in the sky for a short time, and the islands in the Sea of ​​Japan look different from those in summer, and you will be amazed at the gap.

There are no 24-hour convenience stores, chain stores such as fast food, family restaurants, or leisure / amusement facilities, but that is the norm on the island. I don't feel inconvenienced in my life.

Find fun in your life! It is an island where such people live.


Okinoshima seen by OKI

Oki is a little OKI, and I find the island of Oki, which is based on daily life, to be interesting. And I am fascinated by the various people who live here. These can be enjoyed all year round.

Fishing ports and countryside, tiled roofs, numerous shrines, no-frills traditional events, garden-grown vegetables, island-grown fruits, and abundant seafood.

Caring for each other, working together, the whole island is like a family.

It was said that it was an island that wouldn't be a problem to live in, but I hope it will remain as it is, no matter how the times change.

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