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What is OKI?

Take off your heels, escape from the office district of Tokyo, and live in the countryside.

Such an I-turner "Taki BA" started a business in a regional travel agency.

We provide day trips to and from Okinoshima Town (Dogo) for individual trips and small groups, local optional tours, tourist guides, sightseeing taxi services, and pick-up services.

At Oki Electric Industry, we especially support the journey of "adult girls who do their best every day" who want to take a break.

Please tell us your "what you like, what you want to see, what you are interested in, a little worrisome, want to know more".

We will do our best to meet your needs, but we will do total coordination.

Although it does not reach the knowledge and experience of people born and raised locally,

Let's play together, discover, learn together, laugh and cry.

A new standard sightseeing course may be born from your request.

We hope that you will experience the joy and excitement of creating with the newly born "Chokura OKI" and the toddler "Taki BA".

We will endeavor to take root in the region so that you can come and enjoy the scenery of Okinoshima, which changes with the seasons, and the warm people who live here.


Goats and chickens used to be kept in many homes in Okinoshima Town.
With a wish, "I hope everyone will feel attached to it."

Inquiry reception desk


A little OKI



207 Nishida, Okinoshima Town, Oki District, Shimane Prefecture

Business hours / regular holidays

8: 30-17: 30 Wednesdays and other irregularities

Mobile phone




* You may not be able to answer the phone while you are out.

 Please contact us by email or fax.

Business summary

A little OKI is on "Oki Island" in Shimane Prefecture

A specialized regional travel agency .
We provide community-based and landing-type tourism services to and from Okinoshima Town (Dogo).

For the time being, target only Okinoshima Town

I will. note that.


When learning about Oki, with your partner ♪

Taki BA will endeavor to act as an "intermediary" that connects you and the Oki Islands.

We will guide you to get to know the Oki Islands and become more fond of them while having fun and relaxing .


It is being adjusted now.

Please wait for a while until it resumes.

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