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Taki BA Profile

One day, I suddenly think of it.

Here, "I want to change my life 180 degrees."

So, I put an end to my life as a salaryman in Tokyo.

I made an I turn to Okinoshima Town, the birthplace of my mother.

August 1, 2018

Assigned to the Okinoshima Town Hall Tourism Division (currently the Commerce and Industry Tourism Division) as a regional revitalization cooperation team.

The main business is information dissemination.

With the motto "What you can't do in the city, what you can do in Okinoshima!"

Try organic farming, natural farming,

"I want to drink goat milk, I want to make goat cheese," he started to keep goats.

Dreaming of "egg-gake rice" with freshly picked eggs, you can keep chickens flat.

Sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes I give up,

"Living on the island for the first time, a challenge here!" Is still going on.


A mother who left the island at the age of 20 because she had no job.

Most children today leave the island after graduating from high school.

And young people who do not return to the island because they have no work.

If the situation was the same as it used to be, I thought, "Let's make a job!"

March 31, 2021

Opened "Chokura OKI" as a sole proprietor.

This island, which is not a resort area, is easier to live in than a tourist destination.

I feel that it is a comfortable place to live. Please come and take a break.

I will work hard so that "Taki BA" will become a full-fledged work in this work, and "Slightly OKI" will be a work that can be touched by the next generation.

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