Shimane citizens only!

"#WeLove Sanin Campaign"

It is being implemented until August 31, 2021 (Tuesday).

Up to 5,000 yen discount from the regular travel price!

In addition, depending on the discounted travel price,

Regional coupon

"Shimanekko coupon" is attached.


Two 1,000 yen tickets over 5,000 yen

One 1,000 yen ticket from 2,500 yen to less than 5,000 yen

★ Travel price discount campaign for Shimane residents ★

What a half price of the regular travel price! You can get a discount of up to 5,000 yen.

It is even more profitable with the "Shimanekko Coupon" that can be used at restaurants and souvenir shops.

Enjoy summer on the island of Oki! Please come to the island at this opportunity.

This is a subsidized product. At the time of participation, we will confirm that you are a "Shimane citizen".

Please bring your identity verification documents such as driver's license or health insurance card.

Work on prevention of new coronavirus infection and spread, and have "the best memories" this summer! !!

Target menu


I want to freely enjoy where I want to go!

We will respond to such "your feelings".

From "Recommended spots" and "Events / events scheduled to be held"

Pick up where you want to go and what you want to see!

A rough image is fine.

Repeated exchanges to meet your wishes

Let's make a travel plan together.

Prices vary depending on what you want.

You can get a discount of up to 5,000 yen, which is half the regular travel price.

Comes with a "Shimanekko coupon" according to the discounted travel price.

行きたいところを自由に楽しみたい! そんな「あなたの想い」に応える、オーダーメイド
Flow until the day
1. A little suggestion from OKI

Please select either of the above target menus.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form or fax.

4. Conclusion of contract

After confirming payment, the contract will be concluded.

We will send you the final itinerary by email, fax or mail by the tour participation date.

If you change or cancel your reservation after the contract is concluded, you may be charged a fee or cancellation fee specified by us. Please be careful.

2. Reservation request

Please fill in the required information on the reservation form, check the travel conditions, and click "Request Reservation". The reservation is not completed at the time of transmission. Please be careful.

If you request by fax or phone, please fill out the prescribed application form and send it to us.

5. Preparation for coming to the island

Please take care of yourself until the day of departure. If you have any symptoms such as fever before departure, please contact us.

There are some places where you cannot pay by credit card, electronic money, etc. It is safe to have some cash ready.

3. A little answer from OKI

If you can make a reservation, we will inform you about the reservation details, discounted travel price , number of Shimanekko coupons , payment method, payment date, etc.

If we cannot accept your reservation, we will wait for cancellation and contact you regarding alternatives.

5. Please be careful when you come.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.